Don't let those nearly-there appointment bookings slip through your fingers! Give 'em a friendly nudge by retargeting with SMS. By sending a text message reminder to those who showed interest but didn't fully commit, you'll not only give their memory a jolt, but you'll also boost your conversion rates, elevate the customer experience, and keep those potential patients engaged with your business.

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Increased Conversion Rates

Retargeting abandoned appointment bookings with SMS can help increase conversion rates by reminding potential patients of their unfinished booking and the benefits of scheduling an appointment.

Improved Customer Experience

SMS retargeting provides a convenient and personal way to follow up with potential patients, enhancing their overall experience and increasing their likelihood of making an appointment.

Increased Engagement

It can help increase engagement with potential patients by providing them with timely, relevant, and personalized communications, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How it works

Connect your systems

Your SMS provider should provide an API that allows you to simply connect your SMS system with your patient records. Data can then be automatically saved into each patient’s profile.

Get started

Build a messaging workflow in your messaging platform or choose from a library of ready-made workflows. The next step is to encourage individuals to sign up to receive the messages.

Gently persist

A potential patient begins the appointment booking process but does not complete it. The healthcare provider can then send a text message reminder to the potential patient about their abandoned booking and offer assistance in completing the process. Once the appointment has been booked you can send reminders a day prior or on the same day as well.

Best practices

Offering incentives such as discounts, promotions or special deals can encourage customers to complete their booking and make it more appealing.

Make sure the process of rescheduling or completing the booking is quick, easy, and user-friendly. Avoid complicated processes that may deter customers from taking action.

Continuously test and optimize your retargeting campaigns to find what works best for your customers and improve your conversion rates over time.

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