Baggage limits

Inform customers about the weight, size, and quantity of baggage they are allowed to carry on their flight. This information can help customers avoid the inconvenience and cost of having to check in excess baggage or having to discard items at the airport.

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Pre-travel information

Airlines can send baggage limit information to customers via SMS when they book a flight. This can help customers to know the baggage limits and pack accordingly to avoid any last-minute hassles at the airport.


Send a reminder a day or two prior to the flight to ensure that customers are well-prepared and do not have to pay extra fees for excess baggage.

Change in baggage limits

This can help customers to be aware of the changes and pack accordingly, avoiding any last-minute confusion at the airport.

How it works

Automated SMS system

Send messages to customers after they have booked their tickets informing them about baggage limits and other important travel details. The system may also send follow-up reminders closer to the date of travel. This method ensures that customers receive the information they need without any human intervention.


Customers can ask the chatbot questions about baggage limits and receive automated responses. Chatbots can also be programmed to send reminders about baggage limits closer to the date of travel. This method is convenient for customers who prefer messaging over phone calls or emails.

Best practices

Includes information about the baggage limits and policies of the airline. This can be done a few days or hours before the flight and can also include helpful information such as the type of baggage that is allowed or prohibited on board, and the weight and size restrictions.

In addition to the pre-flight reminder, airlines can also send real-time updates to customers via SMS about any changes in baggage policies. For example, if the airline has changed its policy on the size or weight of carry-on bags, they can inform customers immediately via SMS.

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