Special in-flight services

Provide updates and information about the services that will be available on a customer's upcoming flight. This can enhance the customer experience by providing them with information about the services they can expect during their flight.

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Enhancing CX

Send updates about special services such as premium meals or personalized entertainment options. By keeping customers informed, airlines can enhance the CX and increase satisfaction levels.

Improving communication

Communicate information such as changes to meal options or delays in providing certain amenities. This can help to improve communication between the airline and its customers, reducing frustration and confusion.

Upselling additional services

Offer customers the opportunity to upgrade to a premium meal or access to an exclusive lounge. This can help you to generate additional revenue and increase customer loyalty by providing a premium experience.

How it works

Personalized recommendations

Airlines can use data analytics to personalize in-flight service recommendations for customers. By analyzing a customer's past travel history and preferences, airlines can recommend in-flight services such as meal options, entertainment offerings, and other amenities that are most likely to appeal to the customer.

Real-time feedback

After a customer has used a particular service such as a meal or entertainment option, airlines can send a follow-up message asking for feedback on the service quality. The real-time feedbacks can help airlines to identify and address any issues that arise during a flight, such as a delay in providing certain amenities, and take corrective action in a timely manner and improve customer loyalty as well.

Best practices

Use gamification to incentivize customers to use and engage with in-flight services. For example, airlines can send message to customers offering them rewards or discounts for using certain services, such as watching a particular movie or trying a new meal option. By gamifying the in-flight experience, airlines can increase customer engagement and loyalty.

You can offer special rewards or benefits to customers who engage with in-flight services via messaging, such as bonus miles or upgrades to a higher class of service. This can encourage customers to use in-flight services more frequently, increasing customer loyalty and revenue.
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