Check-in confirmations

Send a confirmation message to passengers after they have checked in for their flight. This helps to ensure that passengers are well-informed and have a hassle-free experience while traveling.

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Flight details

After a customer checks in for their flight, you can send a text to confirm the flight details, such as the boarding time & gate number. This is especially helpful for customers who may not have easy access to a printed boarding pass.

Baggage information

Provide customers with information about their baggage. For example, send a message to confirm that the customer's checked bags have been loaded onto the plane, or to inform the customer of any delays or issues with their luggage.

Upgrades and special offers

Offer upgrades or special deals to customers. For example, a customer who has checked in for a flight may receive SMS offering a discounted upgrade to business class, or a discount on airport lounge access.

How it works

Automated system

Use an automated system to send check-in confirmation messages to customers. This system can be integrated with the airline's check-in system which automatically sends a confirmation message to the passenger once they have successfully checked in for their flight.

Timely delivery

The confirmation message can be sent immediately after the passenger has checked in for their flight. This ensures that the passenger receives the message in a timely manner and has all the information they need before their flight.

Digital boarding pass

Offer digital boarding passes which can be sent to the passenger via SMS links. This eliminates the need for a paper boarding pass and provides a more convenient and eco-friendly option for passengers.

Best practices

Using the customer's name in the message can help to make it feel more personal and increase engagement.

The message should include clear instructions on what the passenger needs to do, such as arrive at the airport by a certain time, go to a specific gate, or check in online.

Ensure that passengers have explicitly opted-in to receive message notifications, as this helps ensure compliance with relevant regulations and reduces the risk of spamming customers.

It is important to use a reliable SMS platform that can deliver messages in a timely manner and handle any issues or errors that may arise.

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