Last minute deals

Notify customers about any unsold seats on a flight shortly before departure. The purpose is to sell these seats at a discounted price to maximize revenue and provide a last-minute travel opportunity to customers. This strategy can also help airlines to fill seats that would otherwise remain empty, which can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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Offering deals

Notify customers of any last-minute deals available for specific routes or flights. This can entice passengers who were previously undecided to book a trip and help fill any empty seats on the flight.

Personalized offers

Use customer data to identify frequent fliers and send them targeted offers for last-minute deals. These personalized offers can include discounts, upgrades, or other perks to incentivize passengers to book a flight on short notice.

Offering deals to passengers who have recently searched for flights

Track passengers who have recently searched for flights but haven't booked yet & send last-minute deals to encourage them to book a trip.

How it works

Customer segmentation

Use data on its customers' past bookings, travel history, and preferences to target those who are most likely to be interested in the last-minute deals. For example, customers who have previously booked last-minute flights or are subscribed to the airline's newsletter can be targeted with relevant deals.


For instance, the message can address the customer by name and suggest a deal based on their past travel history or preferences.

Limited-time offer

Last-minute deals should have a limited time period and a clear call-to-action to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act quickly. This can also help airlines fill empty seats faster and increase revenue.

Best practices

Provide a simple and easy way for customers to redeem the offer. Include a link to the landing page to book the ticket.

Test different messaging and timing strategies to see what works best. Use analytics to track how many customers are redeeming the offers and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Be mindful of how often you send last-minute deals to customers. Bombarding them with messages can be annoying and lead to them opting out of receiving further messages.

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