Post flight help

Provide customers with relevant information and support after their flight has landed. This can include details about baggage claim procedures, options for ground transportation, and other helpful information to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for travelers.

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Baggage claim information

Inform passengers after their flight has landed, providing them with information about which carousel their baggage is on and the location of the baggage claim area. This helps customers to quickly locate their luggage and exit the airport faster.

Ground transportation

Inform about the available ground transportation options at the airport. This can include details about taxi services, car rental options, etc. making it easier for passengers to plan their onward journey.

Flight delay/cancellation

If a flight is delayed or canceled, inform passengers about the reason for the delay or cancellation and provide information about alternative flights or other options for rebooking their travel.

How it works

Automated messages

The message can include details about baggage claim, ground transportation, and other helpful information. These messages can be triggered based on the passenger's flight status, such as when the flight lands or when the passenger's luggage is loaded onto the carousel.


Passengers can text the chatbot to get information about baggage claim, ground transportation, or other helpful options. Chatbots can provide personalized assistance to passengers, answering questions and providing information based on the passenger's flight details.

Human agents

For more complex inquiries, the airline can have human agents available. These agents can provide personalized assistance and help customers with their baggage, ground transportation, or other post-flight needs. Human agents can provide a high level of customer service and help resolve any issues or concerns that passengers may have.

Best practices

Use the customer's name and flight details to create a personalized experience. This will make the customer feel valued and improve their overall satisfaction with the airline.

Send the message as soon as possible after the flight has landed. This will ensure that the information is still relevant and useful to the customer.

Provide an easy way for customers to opt out of receiving these messages in the future, either by replying to the SMS message or by clicking a link in the message. This will help ensure that customers who do not want to receive these messages are not bothered.

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