Flight delay alerts and cancellations

Keep the passengers updated in case of any flight changes or delays. This helps to improve the customer experience by providing them with timely and accurate information, reducing confusion and frustration.

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Flight delay alerts

These alerts can include information such as the new estimated departure time and the reason for the delay. This helps keep customers informed and reduces their frustration with the situation.

Flight cancellation notifications

The notification can include information on what to do next, such as rebooking on a different flight or getting a refund. Providing this information quickly and clearly can help customers navigate the situation and reduce their stress.

Rebooking assistance

Include options for alternative flights, routes, and dates, along with instructions on how to proceed. This can be especially useful for customers who may not have access to a computer and need to rebook quickly.

How it works

Proactive updates

Instead of waiting for customers to inquire about the status of their flight, airlines can use SMS to proactively send updates on any delays or cancellations. This can help customers plan their travel better and reduce stress.


Airlines can provide personalized updates to customers based on their flight preferences, travel history, and loyalty status. For example, customers who have experienced frequent delays on a particular route may receive more detailed updates, or loyal customers may receive priority notifications.

Best practices

As soon as there is a change in the flight status, customers should be informed about it. It is also important to provide regular updates to keep customers informed of any changes to the status of the flight.

In the event of a flight delay or cancellation, customers are likely to be frustrated and inconvenienced. To minimize these negative feelings, it is important to offer solutions and alternatives. This could include rebooking the customer on another flight, providing a hotel voucher, or offering a refund.

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