General Wellness campaigns

Send email campaigns aimed at promoting general health and wellness to patients. These campaigns may include educational materials, health tips, product promotions, and other wellness-related content with the aim of improving patients' health and well-being and increasing engagement.

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Encouraging regular check-ups

Remind patients to come in for regular check-ups, such as annual physical exams or routine blood work. This not only helps patients stay on top of their health, but also generates additional revenue for the hospital.

Promoting health education

Promote health education & awareness, such as sending emails about healthy eating, exercise or disease prevention. This also help positions your institution as a trusted source of health information.

Patient retention

Patients are more likely to return to a hospital that has demonstrated a commitment to their health and well-being, and regular email communication can help reinforce that commitment and improve patient loyalty.

How it works

Increased patient engagement and loyalty

Patients are more likely to trust and appreciate hospitals that provide them with valuable information and resources for maintaining their general wellness. This can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Improved public health

By promoting general wellness and preventative measures through email campaigns, hospitals can contribute to improved public health outcomes. Providing patients with information about healthy habits, disease prevention, and timely screenings can help prevent or manage chronic illnesses, reducing the burden on healthcare systems and improving overall health outcomes for the population. This can also position hospitals as community leaders in promoting health and wellness.

Best practices

Segment your email list based on different factors like age, gender, medical history, and interests. This can help to tailor the content of the email to the specific audience and increase the relevance of the email.

Ensure the email content is relevant to the recipient. Use personalized content that resonates with them and avoid using generic or irrelevant information. This can help increase engagement and encourage recipients to take action.

Use engaging subject lines to capture the recipient's attention and encourage them to open the email. Make sure the subject line clearly conveys the content of the email and is not misleading.

Include a strong call to action in the email that encourages the recipient to take action. This can be to attend an event, book an appointment, or sign up for a newsletter.

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