Loyalty points & rewards for frequent flyers

By offering exclusive rewards and perks, such as free flights, lounge access, and upgrades, airlines can motivate regular customers to choose their airline over competitors.

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Retaining customer loyalty

By providing exclusive rewards and perks to frequent flyers, airlines can incentivize them to continue booking with the airline and choosing them over competitors. This can help to increase customer retention rates and drive long-term revenue growth.

Driving revenue

By offering loyalty points for purchasing ancillary services such as in-flight Wi-Fi or lounge access, airlines can encourage customers to spend more with the airline. This can help to increase the airline's average revenue growth.

Enhancing CX

By offering personalized rewards & perks to frequent flyers, you can make customers feel valued & appreciated. This can help to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, as well as encourage positive word-of-mouth.

How it works


By offering personalized rewards and perks to frequent flyers, airlines can make customers feel valued and appreciated. By using customer data to offer rewards and perks tailored to their travel patterns and preferences, airlines can create a more engaging and personalized customer experience.


The immediacy and convenience of SMS delivery make it an ideal channel for sending loyalty points and rewards to frequent flyers. Customers can receive and redeem their rewards quickly and easily via their mobile devices, without the need for additional steps or logins.

Increased engagement

By sending timely and relevant loyalty rewards and promotions, airlines can increase customer engagement and build stronger relationships with their customers. This can lead to increased brand loyalty, positive reviews, and ultimately driving revenue growth for the airline.

Best practices

Airlines should aim to communicate loyalty rewards and promotions in a way that is easy to understand and visually appealing. The messaging should also be personalized to the customer's preferences and travel patterns, making it relevant and engaging.

By experimenting with different messaging formats, promotions, and timing, you can optimize your loyalty rewards program and drive greater customer engagement and loyalty. This requires regular data analysis and experimentation to identify the most effective messaging strategies.

Customers should have the ability to opt-out of messaging if they no longer wish to receive rewards or promotions. Additionally, airlines should provide opt-in options for new customers who wish to receive messaging and join the loyalty program.

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