Order tracking

Allow customers to track the status of their vehicle order, including estimated delivery times and production updates. By notifying through voice channel, automobile companies can provide real-time updates to customers on the status of their order, giving them peace of mind and reducing the need for manual follow-ups.

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Vehicle production status updates

Send regular production updates and estimated delivery times to customers. The voicebot could also answer specific questions about the status of the order, such as when the vehicle is in transit etc.

Service appointment scheduling

After a customer has received their vehicle, they may need to schedule appointments for routine maintenance. Voicebot could assist customers with scheduling appointments & provide updates on the status of the service

Customized vehicle configuration tracking

Customers who order a vehicle with custom features or accessories may want to track the progress of the process. You can provide updates on when it has been completed & when the vehicle is scheduled for delivery.

How it works

Streamlined communication

Order tracking via voice provides a streamlined communication channel between customers and automobile companies. Rather than having to call or email customer service for updates, customers can simply ask a voicebot for the information they need.

Improved efficiency

By automating order tracking, automobile companies can reduce the workload on customer service representatives and free up resources for other tasks. This can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Competitive advantage

Enabling order tracking voicebots can provide automobile companies with a competitive advantage by improving customer experiences and increasing customer loyalty. By providing a more streamlined and personalized service, automobile companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Brand building

By enabling order tracking, companies can build their brand by demonstrating their commitment to customer service and innovation. This can help to improve brand reputation and attract new customers.

Best practices

While voicebots can be a convenient way for customers to track their orders, it's important to offer other channels for order tracking as well. This can include web portals, WhatsApp and email updates.

Make sure that the information provided by the voicebot is accurate and up-to-date. Regularly update the system with new information, such as changes in production schedules or delivery times.

Allow customers to customize their order tracking experience by choosing the frequency and format of updates. Some customers may want to receive updates every day, while others may only want to receive updates once a week. Some customers may prefer text updates, while others may prefer voice updates.

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