Promoting new or popular courses

By sending targeted and personalized emails, edtech companies can effectively promote their courses, highlighting their features, benefits, and value proposition to students and increase student enrollment in their courses.

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Introducing new courses

Provide a detailed overview of the course, its structure, curriculum, and learning outcomes. By highlighting the unique features and benefits of the new course, you can entice students to enroll in the course.

Upselling existing courses

Upsell existing courses to students by promoting additional features, course updates, or new content. By highlighting the value proposition & its relevance to the student's goals, you can encourage students to enroll.

Re-engaging inactive students

Re-engage inactive students who have previously enrolled in courses but have not completed them. By offering special discounts & personalized support, you can motivate them to resume their learning journey.

How it works

Increased course enrollment

Promoting new or popular courses to students via email can result in increased course enrollment, leading to higher revenue for edtech companies.

Targeted marketing

Promotional emails allow edtech companies to target specific groups of students based on their interests, preferences, and previous learning history, resulting in more effective and personalized marketing.

Improved student engagement

Improve student engagement by providing them with relevant and personalized information about the courses, making them more likely to enroll and complete the course.

Best practices

Personalize emails by addressing the student by name and providing relevant course recommendations based on their interests, previous learning history, and behavior.

You should use compelling subject lines to grab the attention of students and entice them to open the email. Subject lines should be concise, specific, and personalized to the student's interests.

Provide relevant and valuable content in the email, including course descriptions, features, benefits, and testimonials. The content should be easy to read, visually appealing, and mobile-friendly.

You should segment their email lists based on the student's interests, behavior, and demographics, allowing them to send targeted and personalized emails to specific groups of students.

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