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By hosting webinars, you can showcase the courses, provide valuable insights, and offer personalized support to students, thereby increasing their interest and motivation to enroll.

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Introducing new courses

Provide a detailed overview of the course, its structure, curriculum, and learning outcomes. By highlighting the unique features and benefits of the new course, you can entice students to enroll in the course.

Providing valuable insights

Provide valuable insights and information to students, such as career advice, industry trends, and best practices. By offering free and valuable content, you can build trust and establish yourself as thought leaders in the industry.

Offering personalized support

Use webinars to offer personalized support to students, such as Q&A sessions, one-on-one consultations, or group coaching. By providing tailored support and guidance, you can increase student engagement.

How it works

Increased student engagement

Sending webinar invitations to students can result in increased student engagement, as webinars provide a more interactive and immersive learning experience compared to other forms of content.

Building trust and credibility

By hosting webinars, build trust and establish your institution as a credible and reliable source of information, increasing the likelihood of students enrolling in their courses.

Better conversion rates

Webinars can result in better conversion rates, as students who attend webinars are more likely to enroll in the course compared to those who do not attend.

Best practices

Edtech companies should personalize webinar invitations by addressing the student by name, highlighting their interests, and providing relevant information about the webinar.

Create compelling webinar content that is relevant, valuable, and engaging for students. The content should be easy to understand, visually appealing, and delivered in an interactive and engaging format.

Edtech companies should promote webinars through multiple channels, including social media, website, and email marketing, to increase their reach and engagement.

Follow up with attendees after the webinar, providing them with additional resources, personalized support, or course recommendations, to increase their likelihood of enrolling.

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