Send boarding announcements

Provide passengers with important information such as boarding times, gate changes, and other relevant updates. This approach enhances passenger experience and helps airlines to streamline their operations.

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Efficient communication

Instead of relying on manual communication such as announcements over a public system, you can use voicebots to send boarding updates directly to passengers' mobile devices & reduce risk of miscommunication.

Improved passenger experience

By sending boarding announcements via voicebots, you can provide passengers with real-time updates on gate changes or delays, allowing them to adjust their plans accordingly and improve their overall travel experience.

Cost savings

By reducing the need for manual communication methods, such as hiring additional staff to make announcements or print and distribute paper boarding passes, airlines can save on operational costs.

How it works

Mobile notifications

Once the boarding announcement is generated, the technology can send mobile notifications to passengers' smartphones. These notifications can include information such as boarding times, gate changes, and other relevant updates.

Voice recognition

Voicebots can be programmed to recognize and respond to specific voice commands from passengers. For example, passengers can ask the voicebot for updates on their flight status or request assistance with booking a new flight.

Multilingual support

You can also provide support for multiple languages, ensuring that all passengers receive information in a language they understand.

Best practices

To ensure the accuracy of information, airlines should integrate the technology with their existing systems, such as flight management and passenger information systems, and regularly update these systems with real-time data

Passengers should be able to quickly understand the information being conveyed and take appropriate action. Additionally, messaging should be consistent across all communication channels, such as mobile notifications and digital signage, to avoid confusion.

This includes providing support for multiple languages, offering text-based messaging options for passengers who are unable to use voice commands, and ensuring that the technology is compatible with all devices.

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